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Vizgen is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of genomics, providing tools that demonstrate the possibilities of in situ single-cell spatial genomics, setting the standard for the spatial genomics field. The company’s MERSCOPE®Platform enables massively multiplexed, genome-scale nucleic acid imaging with high accuracy and unrivaled detection efficiency at subcellular resolution. Powered by the proven MERFISH (Multiplexed error robust in situ hybridization) technology, over 60 publications demonstrate how these tools are enabling researchers to gain new insight into the biological systems that govern human health and disease with spatial context. The MERSCOPE® Platform provides transformative insight into a wide range of tissue-scale basic research and translational medicine in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious disease, developmental biology, cell and gene therapy, and is an essential tool for accelerating drug discovery and development.



The Institute of Human Biology (IHB) is a new research center located in Basel Switzerland dedicated to engineering the most advanced human model systems for drug discovery, drug development and precision medicine.

Our interdisciplinary and highly interactive research environment bridges academic and pharmaceutical research, connecting biologists, engineers, and data scientists. The IHB has close ties to Roche’s Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development (pRED) organization, and collaborates locally and with leading academic scientific institutions in Switzerland and worldwide to tackle grand challenges focusing on highly ambitious, complex scientific questions.











The meeting is fully booked. 

Abstract submission deadline:
3 July 2023

Notification of acceptance:
20 August 2023

Early bird deadline:
31 August 2023

Organizing Committee:

  • Ido Amit
  • Sten Linnarsson
  • John Marioni
  • Aviv Regev
  • Rickard Sandberg
  • Amos Tanay
  • Barbara Treutlein
  • Alexander van Oudenaarden

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Organizing committee

  • Alon Chen,
    Weizmann Institute of Science and Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry
  • Elad Schneidman,
    Weizmann Institute of Science

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Reut Hershenhoren