The Fellowship application deadline is over.


The Weizmann Institute of Science provides scholarships to the ‘Next Gen Immunology’ meeting for outstanding PhD students and Postdocs, based on competitive track record in the fields of systems biology, microbiome, immunology, genomics, computer science, and physics. Interdisciplinary research integrating these fields is a plus.

Apply for a fellowship


  1. 1PhD students in their final years and early post doctoral fellows (less than three years since obtaining a PhD degree), who registered to the conference
  2. 2Participants are required to register, submit an abstract and present a poster
  3. 3Participants are required to participate in all 3.5 days of the meeting
  4. 4Accommodation, registration and airfare costs for the chosen scholars will be covered by the meeting (up to $500 for EU participants, and $1000 for US/Asia participants)

Applicant’s documents

  • CV and personal statement by the applicant (regarding his/her motivations for attending the program)

  • Scientific abstract of the applicant’s poster

  • A recommendation letter from the applicant’s supervisor (not mandatory but will greatly help in cases in which publication visibility does not yet exist)

A competitive selection process will be based on submitted application materials. Admission quota: 50 students with balanced gender.
The results of the screening and selection process will be announced by January 1, 2020.

Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements- if you are not certain that you fit the eligibility criteria but would like to be considered for a scholarship, please email reut.hershenhoren@weizmann.ac.il for clarifications.


Please note- you need to be registered to the conference in order to apply for a fellowship. Once registration is closed due to full capacity, we will accept applications only from registered participants.