Technology seminars

Technology seminars will be provided by MS vendors during the afternoon break and they will include lunch:


 Technology seminar sponsored by BARGAL

Claire Dauly, Manager Sales Support 'OMICS' Europe, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Untargeted metabolomics analyses with Orbitrap mass spectrometers"

Technology seminar sponsored by Yair Technologies 

Martina Macht, Bruker
"Next generation Ion Mobility Spectrometry meets highest performance QTOF for routine and research work"

 Technology seminar sponsored by Waters

Alex Etinger, Waters

"Mass Spectrometry Screening Evolution From Multiresidue Analysis to Omics"



20 December 2016
Deadline for submission of application for the young investigator award

20 December 2016
Abstract submission deadline

20 December 2016
Registration deadline

Organizing Committee

  • Tamar GeigerTel Aviv University
  • Dana ReichmannHebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Michal SharonWeizmann Institute of Science