Excursion to the Gilboa and Upper western Galilee. 7-8.1.2017

SAT 7/1/2017

We will leave the Weizmann Institute after breakfast and head North to the Gilboa area.  We will drive along the scenic route of the Gilboa and follow the biblical story of the battle between the Israelite and the Philistins resulting in the death of King Saul and his son Yehonatan.


From Gilboa ridge we will make our way toward the valley and visit "Skythopolis" also known as Beit Shan. This city has over 2000 years of history.  We will see its impressive Roman theater, the large Byzantine bathhouse area, and a frozen moment in time along the main street. 

After our visit to the sites along the Gilboa ridge, we will make our way up the Jordan Valley, stopping for a brief visit at "Old Gesher", a kibbutz built near the Jordan river, today located literary at the border with Jordan. Its story and of its defenders are a good way to understand the early days of Israel and the people who built it.

As we continue north we will reach the Sea of Galilee and climb up the Golan heights to an overview and also learn of the situation pre- 1967 that lead to the six day war. 

From there, we will cross along the Galiee to reach Acre to check in at Rimonim Palm Beach hotel around ~17:30 -18:00 

After a short break for refreshment we will head out for dinner at the famous fish and sea food restaurant of the chef Uri Yarmias, located in the old city of Acre overlooking the Mediterranean.  

Sun 8/1/2017

After breakfast and check out we will head out and tour ancient port city of Acre, the capital of the north for many centuries. We will visit the famous Halls of the knights, walk the authentic small market, see sites built during the Turkish period and walk the hidden tunnel dug by the crusaders and discovered by mare chance in the late 90's. We will eat a slightly early lunch of good Hummus and Falafel at one of Acre famous local restaurants.


From Acre we will start making our way south hoping to manage a visit  to the monastery on Mt. Carmel dedicated to Elijah the prophet and his battle with the false prophets or/and visit Zichron Yakob, a town built during the late 19th century and tour its carefully preserved main street and sites. Its story gives us a glimpse of great changes that swept Israel toward the end of the Turkish empire. 

Depending on time and availability we will add a visit to Israel first winery established by Sir Edmond Rothschild on Mt. Carmel.

We will aim reach the Weizmann Institute at evening ~19:30. 


Price - $120
Price includes transportation, accommodation, entrance fees and meals.
Deadline for registration Dec 14 2017.

Registration is closed



Kfir Blum
Weizmann Institute of Science

Ran Budnik
Weizmann Institute of Science

Albrecht Karle
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Yosef Nir
Weizmann Institute of Science

Eli Waxman
Weizmann Institute of Science