High energy neutrino and cosmic-ray astrophysics: The way forward

The field of high energy cosmic-ray, gamma-ray and neutrino astrophysics has seen major experimental developments over the past decade. These include IceCube’s detection of extra-terrestrial high energy neutrinos, new measurements of ultra-high energy as well as lower energy cosmic-rays, and new space and ground based high-energy gamma-ray measurements. Furthermore, a wide array of large neutrino, cosmic-ray, and gamma-ray experiments are under construction and/or planning. In light of these developments, a discussion of the theoretical open questions, that are most important to address, and of the directions of the experimental efforts, that will be most efficient in addressing these questions, is highly timely. The goal of the workshop is to contribute to focusing the theoretical and experimental efforts.

Topics include:

  • Where do IceCube’s neutrinos come from? What is the best strategy for a future upgrade to IceCube, aimed to address this question?
  • What do we learn from UHECR, PeV neutrino, and TeV gamma ray data, combined? What do we expect to learn further with upcoming experiments?
  • Are the sources of UHECR and lower energy (Galactic) CR related? What can we learn from new Galactic CR experiments?

We plan discussions and interaction in an informal atmosphere, with typically 2 lectures and one structured discussion per day, leaving ample time for independent work and collaboration. The ITP will provide office space and services to enable the participants to work as if at home. Participation is by invitation only.


Kfir Blum
Weizmann Institute of Science

Ran Budnik
Weizmann Institute of Science

Albrecht Karle
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Yosef Nir
Weizmann Institute of Science

Eli Waxman
Weizmann Institute of Science