Mandy Moross

United Kingdom

Mandy Moross was born in South Africa in 1931. He received a BSc from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, and then completed an MBA degree (with distinction) at Harvard Business School, in 1953.

Upon graduating from Harvard, Mr. Moross joined ICI in England. He later returned to South Africa and joined Anglo-Transvaal Consolidated Investments. In 1961, he joined the Shlesinger Organization in Johannesburg, where his business dealings gained momentum and acclaim. In 1971, Management Magazine voted him "Businessman of the Year".

Mr. Moross served as Chairman and CEO of the Shlesinger international group until 1974, when it was sold to the Anglo-American Corporation of Johannesburg, South Africa. He then joined the Board of Rand Selection Trust, a controlling shareholder of the Anglo-American Corporation. Today he is based in London and New York, where his business interests center around the financial services industries, but include other diverse interests such as oil, gas and energy-related ventures, shipping and real estate.

An ardent and involved philanthropist, Mr. Moross' connections to Israel are extensive. He supported the archeological excavations of the City of David and continues to have an interest in the Israel Tennis Center and the Israel Museum. He created the Hymie Moross Community Center for Children in Jerusalem.

Since 1982, he has been a member of the Board of the Weizmann Institute of Science, which is very close to his heart. Here, in addition to providing resources to acquire valuable historical documents pertaining to Dr. Chaim Weizmann, as well as underwriting the complete refurbishment and preservation of Dr. Weizmann's laboratory, Mr. Moross has made generous contributions in the areas of robotics and computer vision, and cancer research.

Mr. Moross was elected as Chair of the Institute's International Board (former Board of Governors) in November 2005 and served in this capacity until November 2014.