Over the last few years, the discipline of genealogy has undergone a mutation, and currently appears to be turning into a rich academic field. The main driving force behind this recent transformation is the vast amount of developments in the 'hard sciences': molecular biology, information technology, statistical physics, mathematics, and more.

This inter-disciplinary symposium will focus on the most current, scientifically relevant aspects of genealogical research worldwide. We believe that both genealogical ‘cultures’ (the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’ scientific approaches) will highly benefit from the synergistic interaction that will undoubtedly be generated at this symposium. The program will include invited lectures as well as poster contributions. Students and postdocs from both communities are strongly encouraged to take part in the meeting so as to learn from each other’s approaches and techniques.



Genealogy and…

Computer science

Mathematics , Statistics



Geography, History, Demography

Biology, Genetics

Population genetics



Education, Psychology

Cultural anthropology


IMPORTANT: Please register on-line (there will be no on-site registration)


  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • International Institute of Jewish Genealogy
  • The Braginsky Center for the Interface between the Sciences and the Humanitie


Daniel H. Wagner | WIS, Chair

Neville Lamdan | IIJG, Co-Chair


Daniel H. Wagner | WIS, Israel

Taly Loebinger | WIS, Israel

Scientific Committee

Daniel H. Wagner | WIS, Chair

Neville Lamdan | IIJG, Co-Chair

Arnon Hershkovitz | TAU, Israel

Karl Skorecki | Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel

Sallyann Sack | IIJG, US

Sergio DellaPergola | HUJI, Israel

Jean-Pierre Stroweis | IIJG, Israel

Conference Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Inbal Azoulay


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