Research strands

  1. Chemistry Curriculum and Evaluation
  2. Assessment of Student Learning
  3. Teaching and Learning in the Chemistry Laboratory
  4. Professional Development of Chemistry Teachers
  5. Argumentation and Discourse
  6. Chemistry Literacy, and Socio-Scientific Issues
  7. Informal and Non-Formal Chemistry Education and Competitions
  8. Technological Innovations in Chemistry Education
  9. Chemistry Teaching in Heterogeneous Classes
  10. Cognitive, Affective and Neuro Aspects of Chemistry Learning
  11. Tertiary Chemistry education
  12. Science Communication in Chemistry
  13. Chemistry Education for Sustainable Development


Deadline for abstract submission

January 10th. 2022

End of review process and notification of acceptance

January 31, 2022

Conference Chairs

  • Ron Blonder
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Shelley Rap
    Weizmann Institute of Science


The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange

The Charlotte and Jacques Wolf Conference Fund

The Israel Chemical Society

Sol-Gel, Advanced Topical Therapy

Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Talia Suissa