Monday 18/05/2015 

10:00 [Drory Auditorium] Theme: Numerical Bootstrap Session.

Alessandro Vichi "O(N) Bootstrap," 

Filip Kos "Fermion Bootstrap."

16:00 [Drory Auditorium]: Simon Caron-Huot "Confining Spectra from the S-matrix Bootstrap"


Tuesday 19/05/2015

13:30 [Drory Auditorium] Theme: Supersymmetric Theories. 
Balt van Rees "6d (2, 0) theories: summary and new results"

Pedro Liendo  "4d N=2 superconformal theories: summary and new results"
Ran Yacoby "3d N=8 superconformal theories"
Chris Beem "Comments on the 3d N=4 protected bootstrap"


Wednesday 20/05/2015

9:30 [Weissman Auditorium]:
Sasha Zhiboedov on the topic of Conformal Field Theories with large central charge. 


14:00 [Weissman Auditorium] Theme: TCSA session. 
Gabor Takacs "Truncated conformal space approach:
Numerical and analytical RG techniques"
Slava Rychkov "Renormalization program for TCSA and Hamiltonian truncation"

Thursday 21/05/2015

9:30 [Weissman Audotorium]: Joao Penedones "Leading twist operators and conformal Regge theory"


11:00 [Drory Auditorium]: Igor Klebanov "Interpolating between a and f"


Friday 22/05/2015

9:30 [Weissman Audotorium] Grisha Korchemsky "Four-Point Correlation Function of Stress-Energy Tensors in N= 4 Superconformal Theories”
11:00 [Weissman Audotorium] Pedro Liendo "Severe truncation method in the bootstrap: Boundary CFT perspective"

13:30 [Weissman Audotorium] David Simmons-Duffin “SDPB Tutorial”


Monday 25/05/2015

10:00 [Drory Auditorium]: Gregory Falkovich “Operator product expansion and turbulence statistics"
11:30 [Drory Auditorium]: Giuseppe Mussardo "Recreations in the Theory of Quantum Fields”


Tuesday 26/05/2015

13:30 [Drory Auditorium] Simeon Hellerman "BIG J and the Duality Between Lagrangians and Bootstraps"

14:45 [Drory Auditorium] Riccardo Rattazzi "Quantum Perfect Fluids"

16:30 [Room to be Announced!] Pedro Vieira "Structure Constants and Integrable Bootstrap in Planar N = 4 SYM Theory"
18:00 [Weissman Auditorium] Screening of the award-winning scientific documentary “Maksimovic - The story of Bruno Pontecorvo” 

Wednesday 27/05/2015

14:30 [Drory Auditorium] Matthew Walters "Eikonalization of Conformal Blocks"

15:30 [Drory Auditorium] Christoph Keller "String Universality for Permutation Orbifolds"

17:00 [Drory Auditorium] Ami Katz "Formulating the truncation approach on the light-cone in 3D"


Thursday 28/05/2015

9:30 [Weissman Auditorium] Marco Serone "Deconstructing Conformal Blocks in 4D CFT"

11:00 [Drory Auditorium] Fernando Alday "Large spin systematics in CFT" 

12:45 [Drory Auditorium] Lorenzo Di Pietro "Phases of QED_3"


Friday 29/05/2015  

10:00 [Weissman Auditorium] Zuhair Khandker "OPE in non-relativistic CFTs"

11:00 [Weissman Auditorium] Dalimil Mazac "Superconformal bootstrap in continuous dimension"