Prof. Miriam Gamoran Sherin, Northwestern University, USA

Using Video to Examine Mathematics Teachers' Professional Vision

Miriam Gamoran Sherin is Professor of Learning Sciences at Northwestern University in the School of Education and Social Policy. Her research interests include mathematics teaching and learning, teacher cognition and teacher education. Mathematics Teacher Noticing: Seeing Through Teachers’ Eyes, edited by Sherin, V. Jacobs, and R. Philipp, received the AERA Division K 2013 Excellence in Research in Teaching and Teacher Education award. Recent articles appear in Journal of Teacher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education and Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education. In 2001, Sherin received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Academy of Education and the Spencer Foundation to examine how video clubs can support the development of teachers’ professional vision. Sherin was also awarded a five-year Early Career Grant from the National Science Foundation to study the ways that video can support teacher learning. In 2003, Sherin received the Kappa Delta Pi/American Educational Research Association Division K Award for early career achievements in research on teaching and teacher education