Synthetic Life: Molecules, Cells & Tissues is a three-day student workshop in Synthetic Biology that will be held 13-16th October at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

The workshop goal is to provide students with an overview of synthetic biological systems and to introduce the chemical, physical and biological approaches to this field. The program spans a wide range of topics from the molecular level to the tissue scale including: self-assembly of DNA and proteins, self-replication of polymers, design of unnatural protein synthesis machinery, assembly of minimal cells in vesicles, engineering of novel functions in living cells and construction of artificial tissues.

By bringing together world-renowned researchers and students from different disciplines, we aim to bridge the different approaches and scales in synthetic biology, and to encourage new ideas and collaborations.

The lectures, coffee breaks and lunches are free-of-charge for students, post-docs and established researchers alike. However, registration is required so that we can properly prepare for the amount of participants.

For foreign students, there is a single registration fee including accommodation close to the Weizmann campus and participation to the social events - dinner in Tel Aviv and trip to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

We are looking forward to your participation,

The Organizing Committee