The identification of a close link between cancer genetics and specific metabolic changes that contribute together to cellular transformation, opened up a new era of research, and earned cancer metabolism the title, “a hallmark of cancer.” Importantly, the knowledge gained has led to the development of non-invasive technologies that exploit cancer’s unique metabolism, to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. That said, the emerging field of cancer metabolism is rather young, searching for robust links between the clinical manifestations of cancer and the underlying molecular mechanisms.

The overall goal of the 2015 Passwell Symposium is to bring together a diverse group of scientists and physicians from academia and hospitals, respectively, who share basic and translational interests in the events involved in cancer metabolism. This meeting will provide participants with a greater understanding of metabolic regulation in tumors, and with a deeper appreciation of the translational opportunities emerging from our growing knowledge of the role that altered metabolism plays in cancer. In addition, this meeting aims to foster collaborations, and lay the foundations for a broader cancer metabolism network involving clinicians and basic researchers who will partner in developing novel approaches to cancer therapy, with the common goal of introducing them into the clinic.



Dr. Ayelet Erez and Prof. Benjamin Geiger