Alvarez Gonzalo AgustinWeizmann Institute of ScienceExperimental evidence of an Anderson-like transition of many-body localization by competing dipolar interactions
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Bacsardi LaszloUniversity of West HungaryAn analysis of quantum based space communication
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Daon ShauliWeizmann Institute of ScienceSemiclassical perturbation theory for the quantum diffractive scattering of atoms on thermal surfaces
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Floss JohannesWeizmann Institute of ScienceTowards Observation of Anderson Localization in Rotating Molecules
Gantz LironTechnionCoherent Control of Quantum Dot Spin and Novel Approach for Spin-Photon Entanglement.
Gedik Mehmet ZaferSabanci UniversityNo-Signaling and Quantum Cloning
Gedik Mehmet ZaferSabanci UniversityQuantum Computing without Entanglement
Gelbwaser DavidWeizmann Institute of ScienceQuantum-mechanically enhanced efficiency of a simple heat machine
Gurvitz ShmuelWeizmann InstituteQuantum-mechanical derivation of Master equations for non-equilibrium transport
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Herr WaldemarLeibniz University HanoverBEC interferometry and quantum tests of the equivalence principle
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Kammerlander PhilippITP ETH ZurichAutonomous work extraction within a Szilard engine model
Khripkov ChristineBen Gurion University Coherence dynamics of kicked Bose-Hubbard dimers: Interferometric signatures of chaos
Kraisler EliWeizmann Institute of ScienceA self-interaction-free local hybrid functional in DFT derived from exact criteria
Machnes ShaiWeizmann Institute of SciencePhase-space approach to strong field multi-electron dynamics
Machnes ShaiWeizmann Institute of ScienceCoherent driving from Markovian noise
Meir ZivWeizmann Institute of ScienceCooperative Lamb shift in a quantum emitter array
Niedenzu WolfgangUniversity of Innsbruck Kinetic theory of cavity cooling and self-organisation of a cold gas
Refaely-Abramson SivanWeizmann Institute of ScienceSimultaneous determination of structures, vibrations, and frontier orbital energies from a self-optimizing range-separated hybrid functional
Schmidgall EmmaTechnion Deterministic Writing and Control of the Dark Exciton State using Short Single Optical Pulses
Shaham Assaf Hebrew University of JerusalemViolation of the KCBS Inequality Using Polarized Biphoton Qutrits
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del Rio LidiaETH ZurichRelative thermalization