Day tour to the North of Israel, Dec. 22th 2018

Day tour to the North of Israel, Dec. 22th 2018

Sea of Galilee, Jordan Valley and the Gilboa area:

  • Depart at 08:00 from Rehovot to the Galiliee
  • Mount of Beatitudes - Tabcha Church, Capernahum
  • “Skythopolis” – Beit Shean + Packed lunch
  • Gilboa Mt scenic route the story of Soul and Jonathan
  • Dinner in El-Babur - Arab kitchen cuisine
  • 20:00 Anticipated return to Weizmann  

We will leave the Weizmann Institute at 8am after breakfast and head North to the Galilee. As we make our way I’ll be pointing out places of in interest and give a general intro to the Galilee area and history.

As we reach the northern shore of Sea of Galilee we will visit some of the sites related to Christianity and the early days of Jesus. Mount of Beatitudes is where Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Tabcha Church, marks the location of the miracle of the First Feeding of the Multitude (with its mosaic of the two fish and basket - symbols of the miracle). Its also the location of a church marking, according to Catholic church, where the supremacy was given to Peter.

If time allows we will also visit Capernaum National Park, the biblical town with an ancient synagogue belived to be the place where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Bread of Life and where archaeologists also uncovered an early Christian home thought to have been the home of Peter.

From there we will head south along the Jordan Valley to visit Beit Shean.

Our next stop will be “Skythopolis” also known as Beit Shan. This city has over 2000 years of history and was destroyed in a big earthquake in the 8th century. We will see its impressive Roman theater, the large Byzantine bathhouse area, and a frozen moment in time along the main street. From Beit Shean we will drive up the scenic route of the Gilboa Mt. and follow the biblical story of the battle between the Israelite and the Philistins resulting in the death of King Saul and his son Yehonatan.

From there we will go to have dinner at El Babur, restaurant specializing in authentic Galilee-style Arab food with locally flavored dishes. We will aim to be back at the Weizmann Institute by ~19:45-20:15.



Price - $30
Price includes transportation, entrance fees and meals.
Deadline for registration Dec 02 2018.



Gregory Falkovich
Weizmann Institute of Science

Leonid Levitov

Victor Steinberg 
Weizmann Institute of Science