Poster list

  • Lior Alon, TechnionNodal statistics on quantum graphs

  • Guy Amit,  Bar-Ilan University Topological Properties of Adiabatically Varied Nonintegrable Systems

  • Alexandra Bakman, Technion Collapse and revival for a slightly anharmonic Hamiltonian

  • Michael Bersudsky TechnionCourant-sharp eigenvalues of Nuemann 2-rep-tiles
  • Reinhold Blumel,  Wesleyan UniversityPerformance of Quantum Computers: Is Quantum Error Correction Really Necessary? 
  • Reinhold Blumel,  Wesleyan University Quantum Computers: Is Quantum Error Correction Always Useful? 
  •  Konstantin Clauss, Dresden University of Technology Quantum localization on fractals in absorbing maps
  • Sebastian Egger, TechnionSpectral problems for Neumann domains on the torus
  • Avner Kiro and Yotam Smilansky, Tel-Aviv University - The distribution of path lengths on directed weighted graphs
  • Martin Koerber,  TU DresdenLocalization of Chaotic Resonance States due to a Partial Transport Barrier
  • Tomasz Maciążek, TechnionTopology of configuration space for indistinguishable particles on one-connected graphs
  • Alexander Iomin, Technion -  Hyper-diffusion of quantum waves in random photonic lattices
  • Alexander Iomin, Technion Continuous time quantum walks and recurrences in the Hilbert space
  • Adam Sawicki, School of Mathematics University of Bristol and Centre for Theoretical Physics PAS-  Criteria for universal quantum gates 
  • Uzy Smilansky, Weizmann Institute of ScienceThe distribution of transit times through quantum graphs