The First Weizmann/MICC Cancer Research Workshop


We are happy to announce the launch of the first Weizmann/MICC workshop for clinical residents in cancer-related fields. In this intensive 1.5 days workshop we will introduce the participants to the innovative cancer research conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The workshop will include lectures by leading scientists in the institute, visits to state-of-the art research facilities and research labs, as well as a chance for informal interactions with senior researchers.

The workshop is hosted by the Moross Integrated Cancer Center (MICC) that was recently established at the Weizmann institute. The mission of the MICC is to leverage the Institute’s strength in basic science in order to enable integrative and innovative cancer research. One of the MICC aims is to bring together scientists and clinical oncologists to enable the most effective cancer research. The MICC thus hopes to integrate diverse areas of cancer research and provide a platform for collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts bridging basic research with the clinical arena.


The workshop will elaborate basic aspects of the cancer research, introduce the innovative research conducted in the Weizmann Institute, and demonstrate how these could be translated to groundbreaking clinical research.  Participants will gain perspective and up-to-date knowledge of disease mechanisms and therapy response and resistance from leading scientists, while learning about the latest methods and approaches in basic and translational cancer research. Informal discussions and lab visits will allow in-depth focus on specific projects. During the workshop an effort will be made to match each participant with a Weizmann Institute researcher for further planning of possible future collaborative work.

If you are eager to be involved in state-of-the art basic and translational cancer research, this workshop will provide a unique opportunity to establish initial contacts with investigators in your field of interests and examine the many possibilities for conducting collaborative research.


Accommodation arrangements on site, free of charge, can be made upon specific request. 

please check the box - 'need accommodation' in the Registration form and we will contact you for more information.


Registration and fees

Registration is free of charge but required. The number of participants is limited and the participants are expected to take part in all planned activities. During the registration process, you will be asked to submit a short (up to 200 words) letter explaining your interest in cancer research and the benefit you expect to gain from the workshop.

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Organizing Committee

Dr. Ravid Straussman
MD, PhD - Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Dr. Dina Preise
PhD - Moross Integrated Cancer Center

Conference Coordinator

Dikla Kislev

The Moross Integrated Cancer Center (MICC)