from molecular beams to photosynthesis

The conference will provide a forum and showcase of the research areas that Ron worked and works in, including:

  • ‫        Van der Waals molecules and reactions in crossed molecular beams
  • Coulomb explosion imaging
  • Electron transmission through self-assembled organic monolayers and DNA
  • Molecule-monolayer & -semiconductor energy & charge transfer
  • Energy and charge transfer from molecules to monolayers and  semiconductors; Cooperative Molecular Field Effect
  • Molecular sensors
  • Chiral induced spin selectivity in electron transport & bio-systems

‫    Both experimental and theoretical aspects will be covered.

The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for cross fertilization of ideas between these areas of research.


Participation is free, but will be on first-come, first-served

basis via on-line REGISTRATION, as space is limited.


Poster presentations will be a central part of the meeting; all participants are invited to submit abstracts.

Deadline for Registration and Poster Abstract Submission:
May 1, 2017


  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • Mark A. Ratner
  • Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Nanoscale Science
  • Faculty of Chemistry:
    • Department of Chemical Physics
    • Department of Materials and Interfaces
  • Gerhardt M.J Schmidt Minerva Center on Supramolecular Architectures
  • The André Deloro Institute for Space and Optics Research

Organizing committee:

  • David Cahen
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • David Waldeck
    University of Pittsburgh