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Dr. Melissa (Gail) Jones has a PhD in Science Education from NC State University. Dr. Jones currently serves as Professor of Science Education teaching preservice and inservice teachers and conducting research on virtual reality, nanotechnology and nanoscale science education.

Dr. Jones’ research has been recognized for excellence by the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, The NC Association of Research in Education, and the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Dr. Jones is the author of the first book (Nanoscale Science) on teaching nanoscale science for precollege education. She has also published a book on teaching science at large and small scales (Extreme Science) and this book received the Association of Educational Publishers Finalist Award for Science Curriculum.

Dr. Jones' research group is currently researching new forms of technology for teaching science and strategies to enhance science capital and family habitus for science.

Lecture Abstract 

"Presence, Development and Visualization: Learning Science with Haptic and Virtual Reality Technologies"

Educational technology is rapidly advancing with the use of 3-D, haptic-enabled virtual reality systems to create a unique digital learning experience, both realistic and interactive, where K-12 students may actively engage in and explore science concepts within an immersive virtual world.

This seminar will examine the benefits and limitations of haptic and virtual reality as tools for teaching science as well as research on cognitive development and perceptions’ of virtual presence using 3-D, haptic-enabled (HE) virtual reality (VR) science instruction. Factors such as spatial visualization, cognitive development, and prior knowledge were examined for learning science with virtual reality instructional tools.

Organizing committee

  • Yael Feldman-Maggor
    Weizmann Institute of Science,
    The Open University of Israel
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Scientific Staff

  • Prof. David Fortus
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Reut Hershenhoren