Welcome to Imaging The Immune System II

In the last decade optical imaging has come to the forefront of immunological research. It has provided researchers with tools to study the dynamics of cellular interaction and migration in real time, enriching our field with better understanding of the complexities of immune responses in health and disease states.

New methods now allow us to see deeper into lymphoid tissue and sites of infection, achieving better resolution and gaining greater molecular insights. Moreover, optical tools now become available to manipulate immune responses at the desired place and time.

This international workshop will feature world leaders in in vivo imaging of complex immune responses, and will include also methodological workshops on state of the art live imaging and super resolution microscopy techniques. Speakers will be encouraged to share their most recent findings, discuss new methodologies, forge collaborations and consider new directions for the field to advance. Ample time will be dedicated to poster sessions and discussions, and as a special tutorial session will be devoted to new microscopy methods (super-resolution, photoactivation, optogenetics).

Organizing committee:

  • Ronen Alon, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
  • Guy Shakhar, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
  • Matteo Iannacone, San Raffaele, Milan