This year marks the one-hundredth birthday anniversary of Gerhard M. J. Schmidt, an organic chemist and crystallographer based at the Weizmann Institute of Science from 1948 until 1971. To commemorate this event, we are organizing a two-day symposium Contemporary Crystal Engineering and Solid-State Chemistry, which will take place on October 23–24, 2019 in Rehovot, Israel.


The symposium will focus on the following aspects of modern solid-state chemistry and crystal engineering:

  • Metal-organic frameworks

  • Colloidal crystals

  • (Photo)chemical reactivity in the solid state

  • Supramolecular chemistry

  • Solid-state inorganic chemistry

  • Biomineralization and bio-inspired materials

  • Crystals with unusual mechanical properties

  • Novel methods of structure determination.

Deadline for registration

October 1, 2019

Deadline for abstract submission

September 25, 2019

Organizing committee

Rafal Klajn (co-chair)
Dept. of Organic Chemistry
Weizmann Institute of Science

Omer Yaffe (co-chair)
Dept. of Materials & Interfaces
Weizmann Institute of Science

  • Honorary Chair

  • J. Michael McBride Yale University

Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Talia Suissa
Weizmann Institute of Science


The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange

Faculty of Chemistry

The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Molecular Design

The Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Center for Biomolecular Structure and Assembly