Electronic Materials: From Solar Cells to Protein

Join us to celebrate and get inspired by the creative and barrier-crossing research career of Prof. David Cahen on the festive occasion of his 70th birthday.

The meeting’s theme is the question that has driven David Cahen’s research: Can we reveal and control the fundamental relations between the chemical nature of a given material (its composition and structure) to its electronic and optical properties? And can we exploit this understanding to make efficient and cost-effective electronic materials?

Cutting edge issues of smart materials and nanotechnology will be discussed. Among them are:

  • Novel materials for solar cells (photovoltaics): organic, inorganic, and hybrids
  • Molecular electronics and spintronics
  • Thin films, 2D materials and other low-dimensionality materials.
  • Surface phenomena and energy alignment at interfaces
  • Optically-active materials
  • Electro-optical properties of bio-molecules in general and proteins in particular.

Poster presentations will be a central part of the meeting; all participants are invited to

submit abstracts.

Posters & Abstract
Submission Deadline:
April  15, 2018

Registration Deadline:
April 20, 2018


  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Nanoscale Science
  • The department of Materials and Interfaces

Organizing committee

  • Leeor Kronik

    Weizmann Institute of Science

    Ayelet Vilan

    Weizmann Institute of Science


  • Conference Secretariat

  • Daphna Yahav



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