COST Action TD 1407 Workshop


This workshop focuses on a range of trace elements, including the Platinum Group Metals, Rare Earth Elements, and Nb, Ta, Ga, In, Tl, Ge and Te, which are increasingly exploited and emitted due to their use in new technologies in the fields of communication, mobility and energy.

Limited resources and supplies make most of these elements technology-critical elements (TCE) of strategic importance, and initiatives at national and international levels are therefore underway to secure their availability in the coming years. However, for most of these metals/metalloids, the present understanding of their concentrations, transformation and transport in the different environmental compartments is scarce and/or contradictory. Because of their (i) increasing use, (ii) poorly understood biogeochemical behavior and (iii) potential toxicity, TCEs and other rare trace elements are emerging inorganic contaminants of substantial concern.


Contributions on TCEs covering (but not restricted to) the following fields addressed by the NOTICE COST action are welcome:

  1. Analytical aspects for screening,  quantitative and speciation analyses of TCEs in all kinds of environmental matrices.
  2. Environmental processes including biogeochemical cycles of the TCEs.
  3. Uptake and bioaccumulation of TCEs by living organisms.

This workshop will address the current and future status of the research. In the above mentioned topics. The program will include keynote lectures and podium and poster sessions.

Application opens
6 June 2016

Application closes
15 September 2016

Notification to applicants
30 September

18-19 January 2017

Organizing committee

  • Ishai Dror
    Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
  • Birgit Daus
    Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, DE

  • Jörg Schäfer
    Université de Bordeaux, FR

    Antonio Cobelo-Garcia
    Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas , ES



  • COST, European cooperation in science and technology
  • EU, European Union
  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange