Poster session

  • Maria Wiesinger
    Short term scientific mission (STSM) report on: technology critical elements in our environment - project
  • Nevenka Mikac, Rudjer Boskovic Institute
    Sources and distribution of rare earth elements in the Zrmanja river estuary, Adriatic sea, Croatia
  • Dana Alina Magdas, National Institute for Research and Development
    Chemometric discrimination of Romanian vegetables based on their elemental fingerprint
  • Nadya Teutsch, Geological Survey of Israel
    Leaching and phytoavailability of trace elements in soils amended with coal fly ash (FA) treated biosolids
  • Ana Romero-Freire, University De Lorraine
    (Bio)Accumulation of REE in a natural area: from rocks to plants
  • Elzbieta Zambrycka-Szelewa, University of Bialystok
    Determination of ruthenium in environmental samples using imprinted polymeric sorbents by ETAAS
  • Teba Gil-Diaz, University of Bordeaux
    Tellurium (Te) reactivity in estuarine gradients and implications for accidental radionuclide release scenarios
  • Gila Merschel, Jacobs University Bremen
    Technology critical metals in the shells of freshwater bivalve "Corbicula fluminea": bioavalability and anthopogenic gadolinium and other anthopogenic rare earth elements in German rivers
  • Nicoleta Vedeanu, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca
    Macro-, micro- and trace elements distribution in different growing stages
  • Nathalie Korf, Technical University of Berlin
    Adapted round robin test: Analytical methods for multielement analysis of anthropogenic ores
  • Nathalia Ospina Alvarez, University of Potsdam​​​​​​​
    Solid phase extraction of chromiun, thallium and arsenic using SGX C18 modified with APDC as sorbent
  • Kerstin Ringering, University of Bremen
    Towards understanding the mobility of indium and gallium in groundwater systems: constraining the role of sorption in sand column experiments
  • Madeleine Laitz, Imperial College London
    Toxicological and Environmental Analysis of Rare Earth Elements and Indium

  • Antonio Cabelo- Garcia, IIM-CSIC
    Dissolved Rare Earth Elements in Estuarine and Coastal Waters of the Gulf of Cádiz (South Spain)

Application opens
6 June 2016

Application closes
15 September 2016

Notification to applicants
30 September

18-19 January 2017

Organizing committee

  • Ishai Dror
    Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
  • Birgit Daus
    Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, DE

  • Jörg Schäfer
    Université de Bordeaux, FR

    Antonio Cobelo-Garcia
    Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas , ES



  • COST, European cooperation in science and technology
  • EU, European Union
  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange