The conference will highlight aspects of soft-matter in materials and biological sciences that will relate to the remarkable dedication and contribution of Jacob to the soft-matter field that are related to self-assembly, surface nanostructures and physical chemistry of biological systems. Major topics are materials self-assembly and nanostructures systems, non –equilibrium phenomena and pattern formation in confined layers.

The presented work will relate to recent experimental and theoretical studies of systems that are relevant to current soft matter - materials science, nanotechnology and biology.

The conference will aim to inspire new collaborations, and share current knowledge and understanding.

Session topics:

  • Interfacial soft matter structure characterization
  • Soft matter theory
  • Biomaterials at interfaces
  • Polymers and biopolymers at interfaces
  • Soft matter films and interfaces
  • Rheology of soft matter

Organizing committee


The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange, WIS

The Faculty of Chemistry, WIS

The Department of Molecular Chemistry and Materials Science, WIS

The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Nanoscale Science, WIS

The Clore Center for Biological Physics, WIS

The Center for Experimental Physics, WIS

The Center for the Physics and Chemistry of Living Systems, TAU

Kimmel Center for Molecular Design