Understanding the brain is one of the top challenges facing science in the 21st century. The challenge stems not only from the scientific desire to unravel this complex system, but also from the burning need to identify solutions for a wide range of neurological, psychiatric and age-associated brain disorders. The last two decades have seen phenomenal development and clinical applications of innovative technologies that allow a deeper and more targeted interrogation of brain circuits. This conference aims to highlight these technological advancements, their contribution to basic neuroscience, and their translation toward the development of innovative therapies for human brain disorders.


The translational neuroscience session in memory of Prof. Haim Garty in the afternoon of the 2nd day is open to public audiences (registration required). In this session, speakers from academia and industry will discuss how cutting-edge neuroscience methodologies have been transforming clinical frontiers


Abstract submission deadline: 

March 12th 2023

Registration deadline: 

April 1st 2023


  • Takashi Kawashima
    Ofer Yizhar

    Weizmann Institute of Science


The Chorafas Institute for
Scientific Exchange
The Conference Fund in Memory of Prof.
Haim Garty, established by Manfred D. Moross and the
Weizmann Institute of Science

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