Instructions for presenters


1.  Posters should be prepared (in English) on one sheet. Posters will be adhered to boards with double-sided tape which will be provided.
2. The size of your poster must not exceed 90 cm width x 140 cm height (vertical format).
3. Title and author(s) of your poster should appear at the top of the poster in bold lettering.
4. All text and illustrations should be easy to read from a distance of 2 meters.
5. Presenter’s name should be underlined.


There will be two poster sessions during the workshop. Poster presenters should refer to the
program to find the poster session and board number assigned to them. Please use the poster board
with the designated number. Presenters are requested to stand next to their posters during their
scheduled poster viewing times.

Monday, June 8: Poster Session 1 – 20:00
Posters should be mounted on Monday morning, June 8 and should be removed during the lunch
break on Tuesday, June 9.

Wednesday, June 10:  Poster Session 2 – 20:00
Posters should be mounted on Wednesday morning, June 10 and should be removed by end of
sessions on Thursday, June 10.