Tour of Dead Sea  and  Jerusalem areas, March 29th, 2017 . 13:30 - 21:00

We will leave the Weizmann Institute at 13:30 after lunch and head to the Dead Sea area.

Our first stop will be the Qumran archaeological site. This is the place where the famous dead sea scrolls where found and is assumed to be the main settlement of the “Issim sect”. There are those who think Jesus belonged this sect due to their emphasis on issues of purity and moral behavior. The finding and connection to the second temple period ignited the imagination of archaeologists through time and there are many theories as to who lived there and why. 

From there we will drive to “float” on the Dead Sea at one of the northern beaches. After bathing and getting arranged we will head to Jerusalem for a late afternoon - early evening view over the old city from Mt. Scopus.

We will then continue to Abu Gosh (~18:30). This pastoral Arab village is located near Jerusalem and we will dine at the known “Karavan restaurant” which specializes in local Mediterranean-Arab cuisine.

We will return to the Weizmann Institute by 21:00.

*Dinner -  optional at your own expense.
*As we will be swimming in the dead sea please make sure to have a change of cloth and towel. Towels can be “rented” at the beach for 15nis.