One-day symposium: Can we arrest or reverse the aging of body and mind?

The processes underlying aging in general and of the brain in particular are a mystery, and have taken on increased importance in the modern world, as life expectancy increases and the percentage of elderly is rising. We have only a limited understanding of why cognitive ability decreases, and mental dysfunctions increase as part of aging. Over the last decades, novel players within and outside the brain have been identified, with roles in supporting brain plasticity; these include, on the one hand, the role of immunity and hormones in life-long brain plasticity, and on the other hand the existence of stem cells in the adult brain and their function in maintaining cognitive potential and mental stability. The interplay among the novel players, their role in brain plasticity, and their fate during aging are only starting to be appreciated. This symposium will bring together world experts in the aging of the body and the mind.

The symposium will take place as originally planned, at the Weizmann Institute. Please note the change in the location within the Weizmann campus; it will take place in our new The David Lopatie Conference. Looking forward hosting you all.