Excursion to the Judean Desert and the Negev 10-11.11.2017

Friday 10.11 -   The Judean Desert: Ein Gedi, Masada, Dead Sea

  • Depart at 07:30 from Rehovot/Tel Aviv to Ein Gedi National Park
  • Ein Gedi National Park tour (Wadi David + Synagogue - time permitting)
  • Masada full tour + lunch
  • Dead Sea
  • 19:00 - Bedouin Dinner after check-in at Nokdim Village

Ein Gedi: Ein Gedi sits at -420 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on earth. This area of the Judean Desert is unique to the region due to its mix of different phytogeographical zones which come together to create a desert oasis in one of the driest parts of the country.

Masada: Literally 'the Fortress', Masada is built upon a table-top shaped horst on the southern side of the Dead Sea. In an area that is not naturally conducive for human settlement, King Herod the Great decided to build a desert fortress that would serve not only his interests but also those of generations after his death. The site became famous for its role in the Great Revolt against the Romans in the latter part of the 1st century and has become one of the country's most visited sites. From Masada, you can see across the Judean Desert and into the Moab Mountains of Jordan.

Dead Sea: No visit to the Dead Sea region is complete without an actual dip in the sea! The Dead Sea is part of the Great Rift Valley and is one of the few remains from the ancient Lake Lisan which covered the entire Dead Sea transform more than 70,000 years ago.


Hanokdim Village:  The village is situated in the heart of the Judean Desert, offering the relaxed atmosphere that is unique to the desert. We will stay in single desert-style rooms each with a private bathroom.

Saturday 11.11: Negev hiking, Sde Boker

  • Depart Nokdim village at 07:45.
  • Hike in the Negev
  • Presentation at Midreshet Sde Boker
  • 19:30 Anticipated return time to Rehovot.


Negev Hike: Our day will begin with a hike either in the area of the Big Crater or in the Negev Heights. Throughout the hike, we will address human settlement in the area and the Negev's potential for continued settlement today. This will prepare us well for the meeting at Sde Boker.


Midreshet Sde Boker: A world-leading institute dedicated to the research of the desert, from geology to agriculture. The Institute was established in 1965 inspired by the vision of Israel's first PM, David Ben Gurion, to bring scientists and educators to work in the Negev. We will meet with a local researcher who will present the research done at the Institute.

Price: $60
Price includes transportation, accommodation entrance fees and meals.


  • Ranny Budnik
    Weizmann institute of Science
  • Claudia Frugiuele
    Weizmann institute of Science
  • Elina Fuchs
    Weizmann institute of Science
  • Yonit Hochberg
    Hebrew University
  • Roee Ozeri
    Weizmann institute of Science
  • Gilad Perez
    Weizmann institute of Science
  • Matthias Schlaffer
    Weizmann institute of Science
  • Tomer Volansky
    Tel Aviv University