A Quantum Many-Body Handshake: Theory and Simulation meet Experiment

Recent breakthroughs in quantum material design, such as the discovery of two-dimensional systems with an unprecedented level of control, along with developments in quantum science technology and new insights into quantum many-body theory, open up new opportunities in the field. The long-promised possibility to perform large-scale quantum simulations (either analogue or digital) is coming into fruition. The aim of the proposed workshop is to bring together a group of leading theorists and experimentalists in quantum condensed matter physics to discuss topics at the interface between theory, simulation and experiments. Among the topics that will be covered are: two-dimensional quantum materials, such as transition metal chalcogenides and multi-layer graphene, as platforms for quantum simulation and realization of exotic phases; simulations using artificial platforms; developments in computational many-body physics and quantum many-body theory; novel quantum phase transitions in and out of equilibrium; and spin liquid phases in quantum materials and artificial systems.


  • Erez Berg
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Snir Gazit
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Anna Keselman
    Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
  • Cenke Xu
    University of California, Santa Barbara