Day Trip to Jerusalem and Dead Sea December 17th

We will leave the institute around 8:00 am and head to the Dead Sea area.

Our first stop will be at Qumran archaeological site, the place where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls where found.

From there we will go “floating” in the Dead Sea at one of the northern beaches and also have an early lunch.

After bathing and getting arranged we will head to Jerusalem to tour the Old City.

As we walk the Old City streets we will pass through the lively market. We will visit the Western Wall (“Kotel” ) the holiest place for Jews, stop for an overview over Temple Mt. and its famous structures; Dome of the Rock and El Aktza mosque and of course visit the Church of Holy Sepulcher - the place marking the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

We will have dinner (~18:00) at Abu Gosh. This Arab village is located near Jerusalem and we will dine at the known “Caravan restaurant” which specializes in local Mediterranean-Arab cuisine.

We will return to Rehovot at 20:00. Lunch and dinner are included in the trip.


Deadline for registration 04.12.16


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