Correlations, Fluctuations and anomalous transport in systems far from equilibrium

Scope of the workshop


While considerable progress in the understanding the statistical and dynamical properties of systems far from thermal equilibrium has been made during the last few decades, a general

framework for the characterization of such systems is still lacking. The workshop is aimed at bringing together leading researchers, young scientists and PhD students active in the broad field of nonequilibrium statistical physics fostering open discussions and exploring new directions of research in this rapidly evolving field. Topics that will be covered in the workshop include the emergence of long-range correlations in driven systems; large deviations; anomalous transport whereby transport coefficients (such as heat conductivity) become divergent with the system's size in momentum conserving systems; rare events and extreme value statistics; the emergence of macroscopic structures in self-propelled systems: and related topics.

This is the 7th workshop organized under the auspices of the recently established Schwartz-Reisman Institute for Theoretical Physics (SRitp) at the Weizmann Institute. The SRitp supports small extended workshops focused on timely topics in theoretical physics. The main goal of the workshop program is to encourage international scientific collaboration on topics in the frontier of physics, with an emphasis on promoting scientists at early stages of their careers.


  • Yariv Kafri
  • Satya Majumdar
    Universite Paris Sud
  • David Mukamel
    Weizmann institute of Science