Day tour to Jaffa, Caesarea Maritima, and Nazareth Israel, Aug 06, 2022

Photo credit: Itzchak Zetelny Amitay


We will start the tour at Jaffa, the old port city. We will skip through history from the Egyptians to Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp through the greeks, Jonas the Prophet, Peter the apostle, and Napoleon; afterward we'll drive through Tel Aviv and see the Bauhaus and Yitzak Rabin square.
We will then drive to old Caesarea and visit the old Harrods port and the Hippodrome, where Roman hubris met Jewish valor.
We will then head to Nazareth to the Basilica of the Annunciation.
We will end the day with wine and dinner at the authentic Diana Restaurant in Nazareth.


Local Organizer

Eilam Gross
Weizmann Institute of Science

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Peter Battaglia
    Google Deep Mind
  • Kyle Cranmer
    NYU & University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Tobias Golling
    Université de Genève
  • Danilo Jimenez Rezende
    Google Deep Mind
  • Sven Krippendorf
    LMU, Munich
  • Maurizio Pierini
  • Tilman Plehn
    University of Heidelberg
  • David Rousseau
  • Gary Shiu
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Slava Voloshynovkiy
  • Université de Genève
  • Tamir Hazan
  • Technion