Structural Mass Spectrometry Workshop

About the Workshop

Mass spectrometry (MS) is becoming increasingly popular in the field of structural biology for analyzing protein structures and for mapping protein-protein interactions.

Various MS-based approaches have been developed over the years to provide insights into the structural properties of protein complexes. Therefore, aim of this workshop is to expose students and researchers interested in structural biology to the arsenal of tools offered by structural mass spectrometry.

The workshop will cover following topics:

  • Protein expression, protein purification and sample preparation
  • Native mass spectrometry
  • Ion mobility
  • Top down analysis
  • Chemical cross-linking mass spectrometry
  • Hydrogen-exchange and footpriniting mass spectrometry
  • Computational modeling using mass spectrometry results.

During the workshop there will be many social events generating a fruitful platform for establishing international ties and novel collaborations.

Conference Coordinator

Irit Veksler

If you are a conference participant with special accessibility needs, please contact the conference coordinator by email and we will make all necessary arrangements for you.

Registration deadline
February 15, 2017

Organizing Committee

  • Michal Sharon
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Dana ReichmannThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • Weizmann CSP
  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • המרכז הישראלי הלאומי לרפואה מותאמת אישית על שם ננסי וסטיבן גרנד
  • IMSF
  • COST, European cooperation in science and technology
  • ISMS
  • Instruct Integrating Biology
  • Office of Naval Research Science and Technology
  • Israel Science Foundation, הקרן הלאומית למדע