Poster Presenters

Poster Presenters

Hagar Setty Weizmann Institute of Science, Sexually dimorphic architecture and function of a mechanosensory circuit in C. elegans

Etay Aloni Technion, Sexual dimorphism in mice Amygdala connectivity

Mali Levi- Bar-Ilan University, Studying the kinetics of operant learning in Drosophila using the OptoPAD/FlyPAD system ? The connection between motivational states and social conditions

Noga Zilkha Weizmann Institute of Science, Insights from transgenic wild mice: sexual dimorphism in the regulation of group organization and individual personalities by VNO-mediated pheromones

Rizwanul Haque Weizmann Institute of Science, The transcriptional landscape of sexually dimorphic development of the nervous system in C. elegans

Yair Shemesh Weizmann Institute of Science, Territorial aggression is mediated via two parallel neuropeptide pathways

Yehuda Salzberg Weizmann Institute of Science, Sexually-dimorphic post-developmental functions of the netrin receptor UNC-40/DCC mediated by a novel degron motif

Yizhak Sofer Weizmann Institute of Science, OT+ PVN neurons regulate aggression and dominance hierarchy in wild-derived female mice

Reut Suliman-Lavie The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, POGZ deficiency leads to differential gene expression and increased sociability in male mice

Julia Ryvkin Bar-Ilan University, Sexual deprivation induces a CRF independent stress response and decreases resistance to stressors in Drosophila via a subpopulation of Neuropeptide F receptor-expressing neurons

David Gorelik Bar-Ilan University, A-to-I RNA Editing in the brain may differs between males and females

Berta Eliad Technion, The change from maternally inherited RNA-edited transcripts to independent editing

Levia Freidland Bar-Ilan University, A Study of Motivational States Utilizing a Novel Operant System Based on Optogenetic Stimulation of NPF Neurons

Natalia Saleev Bar-Ilan University, SMC3 in excitatory neurons regulates weight, body composition, satiety-related hormones, and sex-dependent anxiety-like behavior

Susana Colinas Fischer- UCL, Circuit and Molecular Mechanisms of an Associative Learning Task

Vladyslava Pechuk Weizmann Institute of Science, Sex-specific network topology of the nociceptive circuit shapes dimorphic behavior in C. elegans

Elia Dayan and Lital Barak-Buchris, Bar Ilan University, Early life experience shapes Drosophila melanogaster behavior and social networks


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