The aim of this conference, a series that was started at Cornell in 2006, is to bring together an interdisciplinary community of scientists and engineers interested in the broader development of novel techniques to excite and detect spin dynamics at the nanoscale through mechano-opto-electronic systems coupling. More specifically, this conference will present the recent research progress and the future frontiers in information technology research that exploits the magnetic resonance spectroscopy at the nanoscale.


See you in NanoMRI-8!

Deadline for registration
January 10th, 2022

Deadline for abstract submission
January 21st, 2022


  • Amit Finkler
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Christian Degen
    ETH Zurich
  • Alexander Eichler
    ETH Zurich
  • Adrian Bachtold
    ICFO Barcelona


  • Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Supported by a research grant from the Anita James Rosen Foundation
  • The Helen and Martin Kimmel Institute for Magnetic Resonance
  • Center for Quantum Science and Technology (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Center for Nano and Bio-Imaging
  • Andre' Deloro Institute for Space and Optics Research
  • Crown Photonics Center
  • attocube_WITTENSTEIN

Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Mercè Latorre

Conference & Event Coordinator

T: +34 93 554 22 81

M: +34 635 65 60 47