Conference coordinator

Irit Veksler


If you are a conference participant with special accessibility needs, please contact the conference coordinator by email and we will make all necessary arrangements for you

Registration will open on May 8th, 2018

Organizing committee

  • Tony Futerman, Chair, Rehovot
  • Michael Edwards, Cincinnati
  • Erich Gulbins, Essen
  • Rich Kolesnick, New York
  • Jeff Medin, Wisconsin
  • Toshiro Okazaki, Ishikawa
  • Yael Pewzner-Jung, Rehovot
  • Sarah Spiegel, Richmond
  • Yosef Pfeilschifter, Frankfurt

Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Irit Veksler


  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • Nikken Sohonsha Corp.
  • Nella and Leon Benoziyo Center for Neurological Diseases
  • The Faculty of Biochemistry
  • MICC, Integrated Cancer Center, המרכז הבין-תחומי לחקר סרטן על שם מורוס
  • Avanti, Polar Lipids, Inc.
  • avrobio