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This is an incredibly exciting time for the cancer community, with major breakthroughs in basic and translational cancer research revolutionizing clinical cancer management, such as cancer immunotherapy and precision oncology. These innovations have already led to an increasing number of people that are living longer lives of better quality following a cancer diagnosis. Nevertheless, there is a vital need for continued research given that in some types of cancer, such as liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, or glioblastoma, the 5-year survival rates have not improved significantly over the past several decades.


To address the challenges posed by this heterogeneous disease, we at The Moross Integrated Cancer Center (MICC) have compiled, together with our colleagues from Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC), a strong list of international level speakers whose expertise span a wide range of cancer-related topics. The conference will address state-of-the-art issues relevant to basic and translational cancer research, as well as their clinical significance focusing on recent discoveries pertaining to immunotherapy, genetic alterations, metabolism, microbiome, tumor microenvironment, senescence, cancer progression and metastases, as well innovative technologies in cancer therapy. The program will include presentations by leading scientists in the respective fields, together with short talks selected from research abstracts.

Target audience

The conference will be of interest for scientists from all levels, from students to seasoned investigators, as well as for clinicians involved in cancer-related clinical trials and industry partners developing novel approaches for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Topics to be covered


Genetic alterations in cancer

Metabolism in cancer

Microbiome and cancer

Tumor microenvironment

Cancer and senescence

Cancer progression and metastases

Innovative technologies in cancer therapy

We look forward to welcoming you at Rehovot, Israel, for this exciting meeting!



Organizing committee

Varda Rotter, chair

Weizmann Institute of Science

Ari Elson, co-chair

Weizmann Institute of Science

Eyal Gottlieb
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Valery Krizhanovsky

Weizmann Institute of Science

Ruth Scherz-Shouval

Weizmann Institute of Science

Avi Schroeder

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Yuval Shaked

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology


The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange

Administrative Organizer

Dina Preise


Conference Coordinator & Accessibility issues

Talia Suissa