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Mineral Formation by Organisms” is the title of a seminal paper by the late Prof Heinz A. Lowenstam published in 1980. This paper inspired many young researchers to enter into an emerging field which is now known as “biomineralization”. In 1996 Addadi and Weiner held a Batsheva seminar on biomineralization in Lowenstam’s memory after he passed away 3 years earlier. In 2004 they held a second Batsheva seminar on biomineralization, and now they are holding a third such seminar. This unique seminar reflects the spirit of Heinz Lowenstam who was interested in aspects of this field from basic mechanisms to evolution to reconstructing paleoenvironments. This seminar will also highlight the unique contribution of Lia Addadi to this field.

The seminar will combine lectures and posters with field trips to experience aspects of the archaeology, paleontology and marine life in the Negev and the Gulf of Eilat. One major aim is to provide an opportunity for the “young” researchers in the field of biomineralization in Israel to meet more senior researchers from all over the world.

For logistic reasons, the conference is limited to 90 participants, and the program will include 28 lectures, 18 short presentations and an extended poster session.