The 72nd Annual General Meeting of the International Board of the Weizmann Institute of Science is all online this year. As Board members, supporters, and friends you will recognize many of the classic ingredients of our Board week—and also surprised by new and unique special presentations from our leadership, scientists, and guest speakers. Our theme is ‘Keeping apart, staying together,’ and while we will miss seeing each other in person, we are gratified that technology is enabling us to nevertheless find a way to connect. And the silver lining is that, by being online, we can expand our circle of participants to friends and family.

A voyage to the future of science: the Weizmann flagship projects

Date:   November 18, 2020 Time:   18:00 Israel time

Weizmann Institute scientists are venturing into new frontiers of research—areas that still mystify us, spark curiosity, and address urgent needs that affect humanity. Please join us for the launch of two flagship projects that are expected to lead to a cascade of discoveries on the human brain and the nature of the Universe: the Frontiers of the Universe and the Institute for Brain and Neural Sciences

Renderings of the buildings that will house the flagship initiatives are pictured above. 


Frontiers of the Universe  

Wednesday, November 18  

18:00 Israel time  


Institute for Brain and Neural Sciences  

Thursday, November 19 

18:00 Israel time 

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