The conference “International Perspectives in Geroscience – Israel” will bring together
many of the leading international and Israeli researchers on aging and public advocates,
who will present their cutting edge scientific work as well as news on their engagements
with prominent public figures and policymakers for the advancement of the field.
As an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in the area, we are happy to
invite you to take part in this event, and to help us further disseminate knowledge,
increase awareness, scientific interest and cooperation in this critically important area.



Weizmann Institute of Science and The NIA-sponsored Nathan Shock Centers, in partnership with:


The Sagol Institute for Longevity Research 





Registration is free but required. 
Spaces are limited!

Organizing committee

Prof. Nir Barzilai
Prof. Gabi Barbash
Dr. Ilia Stambler
Prof. Valery Krizhanovsky

Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Reut Hershenhoren