Abstracts & Posters


For conformity sake, please prepare abstracts as follows:

Software program: Microsoft WORD

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 12

Line spacing: single space

Paragraph indent: 1 cm

Leave a blank line: between title and authors, authors and institutional affiliation, Institutional affiliation and beginning of text.

Center the title, authors, and affiliation lines

Bold face the title line

Justify the abstract text lines

Underline the name of author giving the talk or presenting the poster


For example:

Growth strategies for Wolffia

Marvin Edelman, Barak Cohen, Ron Vunsh

Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

A robust procedure was developed for extended volumetric cultivation of Wolffia. The method involves bubbling forced air through a glass vessel with a geometric configuration that promotes contact ….

Abstract submission deadline: August 1st , 2019

(Late abstracts might not make it into the Conference Abstract Book).

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  • Posters will hang in the main hall of the Convention Center for the entire meeting.
  • Poster discussion sessions will be held each day.
  • A number of posters will be selected during the conference for oral presentation.
  • Winner of the Best Poster Award will be announced at the final dinner.
  • Registration fee discount of $100 for conference delegates submitting an abstract and displaying a poster.
  • Invited speakers are likewise urged to prepare a poster for hanging and discussion

Poster Board dimensions

120 Cm by 90 Cm

Materials to attach poster to board will be provided

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Conference Co-chairs

  • Marvin Edelman WIS, Israel
  • Asaph Aharoni WIS, Israel
  • Avi Levy WIS, Israel

International Committee

  • Eric Lam Rutgers U. USA
  • Klaus Appenroth FSU, Germany
  • Marcel Jansen UCC, Ireland
  • Sowjanya Sree CUK, India
  • Yubin Ma CAS, China
  • Tsipi Shoham GreenOnyx, Israel
  • Autar Mattoo USDA, USA

Local Committee

  • Ron Vunsh WIS, Israel
  • Uwe Heinig WIS, Israel
  • Sagit Meir WIS, Israel
  • Barak Cohen WIS, Israel
  • Miri Lapidot Hinoman, Israel


Talia Suissa


  • The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange
  • Faculty of Biochemistry 
    WIS, Israel
  • Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences 
    WIS, Israel