Welcome to Cold And Controlled Molecules & Ions

This conference presents the latest scientific developments in cold and ultracold molecules, bringing together scientists from atomic and molecular physics, cold chemistry, quantum optics and fewand many-body quantum physics who all share an interest in cold and controlled molecules and ions. The meeting is devoted to highlighting the theoretical ideas and the experimental methods for producing and utilizing cold and ultracold molecules.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Cold controlled collisions
  • Cold and ultracold chemistry
  • Quantum simulation with ultracold molecules
  • High-precision spectroscopy with ultracold molecules
  • Molecular control and alignment
  • Ultracold polyatomic molecules

This is the second in a series of conferences that is scheduled to run biannually, following CCMI held in Monte Verita, Switzerland in September 2014.


Conference on Cold and Controlled Molecules and Ions