The brain is a highly dynamic system, and has an incredible capacity to undergo experience-dependent changes, whether instantaneously as a result of changes in behavioral state, following learning, or as a result of chronic stress.

This conference will bring together experts from diverse fields of neuroscience to present and discuss their work on brain plasticity. The conference was created to honor the work of Prof. Menahem Segal, a pioneer in the study of neuromodulation, synaptic plasticity and brain recording technology. Throughout his career, Prof. Segal has made numerous important contributions to the study of brain plasticity and modulation.

This conference brings together some of the colleagues with whom he collaborated through the years, highlighting both their joint work with Menahem and their most recent scientific discoveries in this field.

Deadline for registration

Organizing committee

  • Ofer Yizhar,
    Weizmann Institute of Science 
  • Ilan Lampl,
    Weizmann Institute of Science 


The Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange

Department of Brain Sciences

Nella and Leon Benoziyo Center for Neurological Diseases

Coordinator & Accessibility Issues

Lior Drori